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Hi everybody!
i'm on my vacations again! 
I'm sorry for not making the last request, i was depressed because of love, but now  i'm kinda ok, but i' ll not promise to make all the requests, so sorry for that, so i'll make 3 sketch requests and only if am really interested on drawing it, if not please don't insist, so, post your idea anyways on this journal, 

-1 character
-3 slots


Monny Skovar
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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:bulletorange: I prefer not to say my actual age.
:bulletorange: I really love Art!
:bulletorange: Totally oldfashion Otaku!
:bulletorange: Love Dreamcast Sonic.
:bulletorange: I want to have more friends!
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[ ] You're one of the fastest of all of your friends.
[ ] You're willing to help anyone when they need it, no matter what.
[ ] You have someone who follows you around.
[ ] You go where your feet take you.
[X] You don't like standing still for too long.
[X] You hate water. (Totally, almost drowned)
[X] You love moving around but you know how to relax too.
[ ] You play by your own rules and are very cocky.
[X] You are extremely loyal. (I am)
[ ] You are a person that everyone seems to go to when they want to talk about something.
Total: 4.0

[X] You are kind of strange. (Stranger)
[ ] You're often called cute.
[X] People tend to underestimate you. (Always)
[ ] You have someone you call a sibling even though they are not related to you.
[X] You tend to rely on one person other than yourself.
[X] You are very intelligent.
[ ] You are good with machines.
[X] You are one of the youngest out of your friends.
[X] You are often called "nerdy".
[X] You don't think much of yourself
Total: 7.0

[ ] You are one of the strongest of your friends.
[X] You are very protective of your possessions.
[X] You keep your emotions to yourself but people can tell how you really feel.
[ ] You are very gullible.
[X] You are very stubborn and head strong.
[ ] You have a friend who is also a rival to you.
[X] You are quick to fight before talking things through
[X] You often jump to conclusions.
[X] People often try to wind you up and succeed.
[X] After people get to know you, they describe you as a very nice person.
Total: 7.0

[ ] You are very cheerful.
[ ] You are definitely an optimist.
[ ] You don't care what people say.
[ ] You are quick to try and solve a problem by hitting it on the head!
[ ] Some people find you annoying.
[ ] You will never give up.
[X] You would do anything to get your own way.
[X] You are very protective over the people you care for.
[X] You are good at giving advice.
[X] You seem stupid, but are actually quite wise.
Total: 4.0

[X] You are mysterious.
[X] You seem evil, but usually turn out to be good in the end.
[X] You are vindictive.
[X] You will do anything for certain people.
[ ] You will not let anything get in your way.
[X] You are egotistical.
[ ] You are independent.
[X] People often call you "Emo" or "Goth".
[x] You don't smile very often, and normally look angry or annoyed.
Total: 7.0

[ ] You love jewelry.
[ ] You are very flirty.
[ ] You love teasing people.
[ ] You are very sarcastic.
[ ] You would do anything to get what you desire.
[ ] You are not good or evil.
[ ] You'd rather look out for number one.
[X] You brag a lot.
[X] You hate losing.
[X] You never accept defeat.
Total: 3.0

[X] You use overly complex phrases.
[X] If something confuses you you research it later
[X] You don't act it but you are quite co-dependent
[X] You only trust a small amount of people
[X] You're quite an angry person
[ ] You consider yourself the best in your family
[ ] You'll do anything to prove your strength
[ ] You repeat things a lot
[ ] You like weaponry
[X] You are very knowledgeable when others need it
Total: 6.0

[X] You are often naive.
[ ] You will do anything to help your planet.
[ ] You have one main friend that you can rely on.
[X] You beat yourself up when something goes wrong.
[X] You will do anything to protect your friends.
[X] You are sometimes whiny but calm down soon enough.
[ ] You'd be so lost without that one friend's help.
[X] You are quite childish and immature.
[X] You are a very proud person.
Total: 6.0

[ ] You are quick on your feet and are very quick witted.
[ ] You are very stealthy.
[ ] You are very knowledgeable on society.
[X] You are a little bit shy.
[ ] You're scared of heights.
[X] You're solemn, and anti-social.
[X] You prefer to be alone, but still enjoy time with your CLOSE friends...
[X] You dislike it when the spotlight is on you.
[X] You sometimes have anger outbursts.
[ ] You are willing to make sacrifices for the people you care about.
[X] You are over-protective.
Total: 6.0

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